illacdiazWhat is an ngo 2.0? Which features should it have to be defined 2.0? Meet a real ngo 2.0 guru in our free international webinar. His name is Illac Diaz, founder of the organization MyShelterFoundation , social entrepreneur who has inspired the project ‘One Liter of Light’ and brought the light to more than 100,000 families in Philippine’s poorest districts with a low budget green technology.

Named Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in 2008 with the project Design Against the Elements (http://www.designagainsttheelements.org/) and Pier One Seafarer's Center, in 2011 Illac Diaz has seen increased his popularity as social entrepreneur all over the world with the project “One Liter of Light” (video). His idea was simple and revolutionary at the same time: improving the life of the poorest communities of the world with a creative employ of garbage. "One Liter of Light”  has now turned into a viral campaign, spreading across the Philippines and the world, lighting up thousands of homes with a simple formula: used plastic soda bottles, water, bleach and pure creativity.

Creativity: that is the first feature to shaping an ngo 2.0.

“An Ngo 2.0 structure is similar to the internet”, said Illac, “it works in networks, it creates a lower cost of the project spreading by using an open source technology and using social networks to share the information online to allow technology to be employed by the 99% of the population”.

His work in Manila’s poorest districts within the One Liter of Light project has been defined “a revolution in zero-energy grassroots lighting”.  

During 2012 Illac Diaz is aiming to help a million poor people, and with the help of some plastic bottles and a clever social media campaign may do even better.
As our guest in the webinar Illac will tell us his experience and he will be available to give some pieces of advice to other ngo willing to take the road of 'low cost, open source and creative cooperation'. 
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Illac Diaz is a social entrepreneur working in the ASEAN region empowering communities through the use of sustainable construction and appropriate technologies.
He graduated from Harvard University and MIT and in 2008 was named Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum. Now is an upcoming speaker at TED in Dubai and India. He is also Founder of the MyShelter Foundation where he runs several pioneering programs in the country in rammed earth, bamboo, and PET plastic bottle construction.
Beginning with one solar bottle light in April 2011, the program of MyShelter Foundation has now installed more than 100,000 solar bulbs in 20 cities around the country saving already millions of pesos to the beneficiary with savings off their electricity bills. ,
The best part is the foundation produces very little of the production of the bulbs as its made in the community, by the community themselves out of waste that is normally thrown away.
The webinar will be held in English
Online in a virtual conference room provided by GoToWebinar. Requirements: GoToWebinar's software runs on Windows or Mac, but not on Linux.
1st of March, 6pm-8pm.
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